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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Therapy?

Most people face challenges in their life at some point. However, at times these challenges become too much and they can feel helpless, overwhelmed and ‘stuck’. It could be anxieties over uncertainties affecting the future, work, loss of a loved one, depression, or problems in your family or couple relationships.

This is where counselling comes in . . . reaching out to a counsellor or therapist for help is a huge and difficult step in the process of healing.

By talking it through in a safe, confidential way the counselling room space can make a difference, which may not often be possible with people close to you. It may not be necessary to delve into your past at times and during counselling, you will be able to explore and get the tools you need to move forward. The session is your designated time. You are not going to be forced into talking about something you do not want to talk about or are not ready to talk about. You can talk about the past, present, or the future

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually short-term (between 1-12 sessions) and seeks to address how to manage problems that’s best for you..

There are basically 3 ways in how we can do this:

1. we look at what has brought you to seek help.

2. We survey the changes you might want to make &

3. We will look at the obstacles and/or levers which will allow you to move from where you are now to where you would prefer to be.

Psychotherapy is more open-ended (anything from 3 months to 3 years) and addresses, not only the causes of some of the problems you face but also the purpose of them.

Often provoked by some sense of personal crisis, psychotherapy helps you to step back from troubling ways of being, to accept and mourn their loss and to acknowledge and integrate what is emerging in your life, summoning you to change.

How can counselling/therapy help me?

I want you to feel comfortable enough to tell me your story. In talking through your situation, sharing your thoughts & expressing your feelings, a weight can be lifted off your shoulders. I can help you to process your experiences and provide you with the tools to find balance in your life. You’ll come to have a better understanding of both how you feel & what to do, to heal & move forward. 

How does it work?

Click on the enquiry form link HERE and select your preferred date and time. You will then receive a confirmation email. The first step is an initial consultation which will give you the chance to outline the difficulties you want to address and to discuss the best way forward.

It will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have, and it doesn’t commit you to any further ongoing therapy. You can talk with me about what you want to achieve and work out the best possible options to suit your individual needs. It’s friendly, informal and completely confidential.

Following the initial consultation 30 min session, the usual arrangement for counselling and psychotherapy is usually via weekly sessions of 50 minutes. This gives you time to reflect on what has been discussed in-between sessions and sometimes will mean that you carry out activities at home to help the process. You can book each session individually, or take advantage of block booking by clicking on ‘book now’ below.

How long does therapy take?

The pace of progress and change would differ greatly depending on the nature of your difficulties. There is no fixed number of sessions, though some therapeutic approaches can be very short-term, with you able to notice a change within a few sessions. Other approaches would be long term as they address long-standing patterns in the way you may have developed in early life. Often, after having weekly sessions and beginning to feel better, clients drop-down to fortnightly appointments, then down to monthly appointments because they prefer a gradual end to their therapy. All this can be discussed and agreed so that your therapy exactly suits you as an individual.

How long does couple counselling/therapy take?

Every couple is different. Some couples have deeper hurts or issues they are trying to work through than other couples. Marriage counselling/couple therapy can take anywhere between 6 and 20 sessions. In your first session, we will discuss the goals for therapy and the timeline for which it should take place. Every couple and situation are different which is why I encourage my clients to work with me as your therapist on creating a plan together.

If your relationship is rocky, but not abusive you can come to therapy together

When and how do I pay for sessions?

You will pay via the online payment system before each session because of our 48-hour cancellation/no show policy. There’s a discount for block sessions

Will my insurance cover my session?

You may be able to access counselling or talking therapy through: a referral from your GP (if they agree it could be helpful), a local Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service, if you have one – this allows you to self-refer for NHS talking therapy online or by phone. Please check with your insurer if this counselling/therapy service is suitable for you to access insurance cover.

What is the cancellation policy?

If there is an unavoidable reason to cancel your appointment, you are asked you to give 48 hours’ notice, otherwise, a full fee would be payable.

What is the difference between a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist?

Psychotherapists (counsellors & therapists) are professionally trained and accredited to diagnose and help clients with mental health issues. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, usually with medication. A psychologist specializes in testing and research of human behaviours.

What type of counselling do I require?

As a couple and family therapist, I have a particular focus on working with more than one person at any one time as this way of working often helps things to move forward at a faster pace. However, clients sometimes will want to attend on their own and my service can offer appointments for this.

    • Individual Counselling [for me]: from age 16 onwards.
    • Couple and Relationship Therapy [for my family or my partner and I].
    • Family Counselling or Therapy.
    • I reserve a session most days for an urgent appointment, so if you feel you need counselling today give me a call and I will fit you in if I can.
    • Everybody is welcomed in a non-judgemental, compassionate and confidential space.
    • I also have some low-cost options for people who are unable to pay the full fee.
    • I respect and value your right to choose – In most instances, I would recommend weekly sessions, but I won’t enforce this requirement as every situation is different. It is my firm belief that clients need to know they have full control of their decisions making. Based on this premise and their concerns, clients can choose to opt to have a counselling and or psychotherapy sessions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as and when needed.‎

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My Location

  • Working with individuals, couples, parents & families in private practice in Gloucester.

  • Conduct on-line counselling using video, Zoom, email and text.

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I am available for on-line counselling, therapy, supervision appointments to clients based in the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man via the internet.

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Accredited Member of professional & accreditation Body: BACP

Member of BAATN & AFT 

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Wishing everyone well during these challenging times and I hope to be of service to you.

Please adhere to safety guidelines by wearing masks, keeping social distancing and hand washing.